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Oxygen Generation Plant

Commercial production of oxygen is a big industry. Moreover, its importance in modern industry’s context cannot be over-emphasized. The air we breathe has got only 21% oxygen purity while the industrial and medical requirements need it with much higher purity. So, there is need for a technology with capacity to generate oxygen with higher concentration. Mainly, there are two most commonly used technologies—cryogenic distillation and PSA.

BDM Export has been in building oxygen generation plant and nitrogen generation plant using the latest cryogenic air separation technology for over 30 years. There is no denying the fact that it is the most efficient technology out there for generation of oxygen on a large scale with high purity. Moreover, it is consistent in its performance for achieving high purity output unlike adsorption technologies. On the other hand, performance of PSA oxygen plant in generating high purity starts to drop in the first year of its operation.

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Oxygen Plant Business in India

Oxygen Generating Plant Business in India

Oxygen has now become a big international business with market valuation of USD 49 billion. There are projections that oxygen industry will grow with CAGR of 6% to reach the valuation of USD 83 billion 2028. It is obvious that the market has incredible potential for doing in the immediate future as well as long-term future. It is certain that we are not going to grow out of our need for oxygen anytime soon. Needless to say, it offers entrepreneurs fabulous opportunity for starting oxygen plant business in India. The business has immense potential in India or anywhere for that matter because manufacturing sector needs round the clock supply of oxygen.

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Oxygen Gas Plant

Oxygen Gas Generation Plant

We are a manufacturer and exporter of oxygen gas plant designed and developed at our manufacturing units in New Delhi (India) as per the technical assistance of a company.

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Liquid Oxygen Plant

Liquid Oxygen Generation Plant

We are a manufacturer and supplier of liquid oxygen generating plant in New Delhi (India). Our liquid plants are being manufactured as per the latest technology & design of the Company.

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Acetylene Gas Plant

Acetylene Generation Plant

Acetylene gas is generated as a result of reaction between calcium carbide and water yielding acetylene gas along with by-products heat and calcium hydroxide.

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Scope of oxygen cylinder filling business

Oxygen is ubiquitous all around us yet we need to generate oxygen with industrial machinery called oxygen gas plants for use in industrial and medical applications. It is too well-known a fact to need elaboration that all living beings need oxygen for staying alive. But, applications in medical and industrial applications require oxygen with concentration up to 99.7%. This purity is not readily available in the air we breathe. We use oxygen generation plant system in order to meet the requirements of hospitals and industries. BDM has got world-class facility in Delhi NCR region for fabrication of high quality air separation products.

Entrepreneurs will be surprised to know that oxygen cylinder filling plant business has got immense scope for earning decent profits. It is a long term business as the highly reactive element will always in demand for sustaining industrial process and administration to patients for life-support and treatment for various health disorders. It is used in numerous industries including steel, chemical, pharmaceuticals, etc. According to industry estimates, steel industry consumed more than 50% of globally generated oxygen. Chemical industry is the 2nd largest user of industrially produced oxygen. Besides, there are many small scale industries such as waste water treatment, paper making, welding, cutting, fisheries, etc, that cannot without O2 supplies.

Scope of oxygen cylinder filling business
Making a solid business plan

Making a solid business plan

For starting oxygen plant for sale business it is essential that you have got a detailed business plan. Ideally, it must contain actionable information on financing, technology, market trends, feasibility, etc. The action plant for establishing the business must elaborate on these points. It will make your task of setting up the business streamlined and efficient.

start oxygen business in India

How to start oxygen generation plant business in India

It is easy to start oxygen gas plant business in India provided you have the required funds. However, you must understand the very nature of the business as it is capital-intensive. So it goes without saying arrangement of finances is the most crucial part of the endeavor. Secondly, you must also have excellent understanding of technology.

There are two methods for obtaining oxygen with high purity from atmospheric air—cryogenic distillation and pressure swing adsorption (PSA). However, we would like to remind you that BDM Export specializes in making high quality O2 plant using cryogenic air separation. And, we recommend that entrepreneurs looking to enter oxygen industry must work with cryogenic products.

Working with cryogenic technology will have many advantages and payoffs for the entrepreneurs. Unlike PSA plants, cryogenic air separation plant products have the capacity to generate both oxygen and nitrogen in liquid and gaseous form. So, you will have the facility for assured production of high purity oxygen. But you will also be able to produce nitrogen as well. Moreover, they continue generating oxygen high purity for decades whereas purity from PSA o2 plant drops significantly within 6 months.

Cryo oxygen generating plant

BDM Export is one of the leading oxygen generating plant, oxygen manufacturing plant in India acclaimed for manufacturing & supplying high quality air separation products. The company uses only ASME certified materials in its fabrication. Our aim is always to come with innovative portfolio of products with CE certification at competitive prices. We use the cutting-edge cryogenic low pressure technology for making plant machinery could generate oxygen with purity up to 99.7%, which is considered excellent for both industrial and medical applications. Air separation column used in our manufacturing is fabricated with the cryogenic grade stainless steel. Welding of the column is completed with argon welding known for its precision and cleanliness.

Oxygen nitrogen generation plant installation

Costing is very important factor for a business. According to the oxygen generation plant setup cost, nitrogen generation plant cost, you must have adequate funds for investment. For purchasing 50m3/hr plant you will have to shell out over INR 2crore in India. As you can see starting and operating an oxygen business requires infusion of considerable capital. Notwithstanding the costing, entrepreneurs will have many advantages of installing the cryogenic production processes. They will never run out of supplies and their clients will always rely on their timely delivery.

BDM Export’s oxygen nitrogen plant installation is very smooth as our technicians and engineers have years of experience of handling erection, commissioning and installation. After all components and parts reach client site, the company dispatches the engineer for installation. The engineer inspects the site, parts, power connection, etc. After completing the installation, the plant started up to check out the working and purity of oxygen. He also provides training to the client site plant operator in proper maintenance and operation of the plant.

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