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About Us

We lead the industrial plant gas industry by virtue of our superior technology and immaculate designing, not to mention the unbeatable prices. We are known for manufacturing, fabricating and exporting high quality oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene plants. Customers trust our plants because their reliability, durability and advanced technology. Our plants are manufactured in technical collaboration with "Felice Mandressi" of Italy, an acclaimed Italian company. We use the advanced Italian technology and superb designs in the fabrication of our oxygen generating machinery. The Italian company has set standards in the manufacturing of industrial gas plants worldwide. Our plants are at par with the best and are sold under the brand name of the Italian company around the globe. Our machinery stands out for its seamless performance, technology and innovation. We also send our engineers to the Italian company for getting deep understanding of the industrial gas plant manufacturing. With years of experience and exposure to the latest technology, our engineers design and fabricate plants that are customized to the requirements of our customers. Our industrial gas plants are based on the process cycle of Linde and Claude and use cryogenic distillation technology.

Oxygen Nitrogen

We are very particular about the quality of our products. Components used in our machinery are bought only from the approved vendors. Manufacturing is done in compliance with international standards. Our team of quality analysts quality-test every equipment before it is cleared for shipment to the clients. We have been given ISO 9001:2008 and CE certification. CE certification is mandatory for suppliers and exporters if they want to sell their machinery in the US and the European market. Since our establishment, we have sold over 350 oxygen/nitrogen/liquid oxygen/liquid nitrogen plants to our clients in over 35 countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Africa, UAE, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Africa, Mexico, Iraq, etc. Our engineers supervise the entire process from erection, commissioning to the installation at the client's site. We offer responsive after sales service, which is much appreciated by our clients.